Top Tops of 2013

So it’s the end of another funky, flashy, media soaked year and everyone is coming out with their top 100 whatever lists. In that same spirit, and because I noticed that blogs love lists, I decided to make my own top whatever list. Only, I couldn’t decide what whatever to list…so here is my top three list (not much of a list, I know) of lists I would make if I didn’t hate lists. Still with me? They are in descending order a la David Letterman.

3. 2013 buzz-worthy things according to me, and some other number crunching, algorithm-running type folks:

  • Miley Cyrus Train wreck or marketing genius?
  • Twerking Now in the dictionary! (see above)
  • Typhoon Haiyan Amidst thousands of user generated posts asking for prayer and spreading encouragement, Facebook put a link at the top of its newsfeed for three days so people could easily donate, and be prompted to. Bravo.

2. Top social media sites and/or apps I still haven’t joined, despite how helpful they would be to this blog:

  • Instagram I’m self-conscious about invading teen-world and not having 400 followers my
    first day.
  • GetGlue Really? TV news? News about TV?
  • Tumblr Scared of teens as stated, plus Pintrest is better- that’s right I said it!
  • Google+ What even is Google+?
  • Foursquare Super cool concept, but too stalker friendly.
  • The new Myspace Ha, ha, ha, hee, hee, hee.

1. Top tech guilty pleasures:

  • Huffington Post– because it is kind of like those for dummies books. A little rehashed, copied and pasted post suits my often-lazy mind just fine.
  • Pintrest Yes, I said I didn’t like it, that it is for old ladies, blah, blah, blah. But guess what? I am totally hooked. I actually do the workouts and make the recipes. Ok, I have done one workout twice and have bought some ingredients for a recipe, but still. It is like browsing through all the magazines at Barnes and Nobles and not buying them, but you get to rip out the pages.
  • Facebook stalking– my guiltiest and saddest confession. I took a five day fb hiatus and experienced some mild twitchiness and irritability. Why? Not because I just had to tell people what was for dinner, I had developed a compulsion for checking on certain friends and was hooked on the incomplete and carefully constructed knowledge of their daily lives. Still doing it, but at least now I am aware I have a problem.

Happy holidays dozen of readers! Thanks for your loyalty!