The Day We Almost Lost the Internets!!!

Wow, so Facebook was having some issues yesterday for a couple of hours and there was some global, ok American, freaking out going on. I heard a lady on the radio say that her son in Guam wouldn’t be able to wish her a happy birthday, – feeling Image. Some people were upset that the lapse in functionality was being called a “short time,” appalled at the volume of neighborly information they missed out on. Others were just upset that people were upset, commenting things like, “I could care less if you like Wal-Mart, or had a few tacos for lunch that were ‘yum!’” That guy (silverharbinger) needs to lay off the haterade (or is it hatorade?).

But seriously, if we asked ourselves “who cares?” before every status update, there wouldn’t be any, and based on FB’s colossal success, I will wager, as plenty of stockholders do, that someone out there will care that your baby ate a grasshopper and finally went #2 in the potty. That is the cool thing about online communities; there is strength in numbers. Your middle school drama teacher sort of remembers you and wants you to know she <3’s your new haircut- come on people, what’s not to ❤ about that? – feeling Image.


When you are – feeling Imagealone, and let’s face it even the most crowdy of us are at some point, something like that goes a long way. You have carved a digital heart in the sand that caused a bunch of people to have to walk around it, and then, someone draws the arrow that goes through it, or adds your initials to its center. You exist.

So thank you FB techies for handling the October 21st Facebook debacle with at least three times the veracity and resources as have been dedicated to the Affordable Care Act’s shopping site.

– feeling Image

My fav complaining comments (from



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