The Walking Daybed

What do reanimated corpses have to do with joy, or technology for that matter?


(that’s my baby, post zombification, courtesy of Dead Yourself App)

As everyone in the developed world probably knows, last Sunday was the season 4 premiere of The Walking Dead. For cord-cutters who could not wait till Monday, when AMC would post the full episode online, that meant reaching out and touching someone with cable. (That was a really old TV commercial reference for those <30.) Were it not for streaming services, many cord-cutters like myself would still be working for the man (paying for cable) and would have lonelily watched the show in our paint stained pajama pants and head wraps. But thanks to technology, people are coming together in the name of entrail-eating zombies. Heat games have a similar effect.

Let me clarify, while you cannot stream live shows or games, Netflix, Hulu Plus, and the like make it possible to live a fairly normal life without cable. Because many of us are choosing this alternative lifestyle, when there is something live we MUST watch, we leave our eeky dens and mooch off of those who do pay for cable. Many a getty have been thrown on this premise and vegging in front of the TV is quickly becoming a social activity. The enjoyment, I dare say, is augmented by the company. When an amateur commentator exclaims, “it’s raining cats and zombies” some nail biting is lost, but for the sake of a much needed chuckle.

Here is a pic of our Walking Dead premiere party, I’m the smiling girl on the left. It’s hard to miss the daybed in my friend Jose’s TV room. Love it!!!



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