Bitstrips and Zombies and Babes, Oh My!


I have wanted to post for a couple of days now but have held back due to my annoyance with Bitstrip, which I originally wanted to write about in a positive way. It is too late for that though, as it is quickly becoming Facebook’s second most obnoxious feature (#1 is still invitations to play Candy Crush). What is with the obsession folks? A few weeks ago, when like one guy was using Bitstrip and no one even knew it was an app, it was cool. It was cool when a girl made her avatar actually look like herself– forehead lines, kinda round face, blocky suit. But now, everybody has got Bitstrip, every personalized female avatar is wearing the same kaki shorts and pink scarf, nobody is old, overweight, or has frizzy hair, and everybody is “on the five alarm wake up.” This insipid lack of creativity and honesty is just bringing out the worst in me. Yes, that was redundantly repetitive but essentially necessary. Sorry for the complaininess.

Now that I have got that out of my system, let’s get back to talking about zombies and Jimmy Kimmel. It is Halloween after all.

I came across an amazing TED Talk for zombies and, since it basically combines my entire Netflix queue in 3 ½ minutes, I feel compelled to let you in on it. TED Talks is one of my favorite things to do so I don’t feel guilty about watching TV. Their basic theme, “ideas worth sharing,” is like what this blog is about- participating in the exchange of information, creativity, and emotion across digital platforms. So zombies… yeah well, I happen to think that it is high time we hear what they have to say. Apparently this video is not actually a TED Talk but it very well could and should be.

Finally, as a mom I wanted to give other parents a way to know if their parenting sucks. Here is a test invented by the psychology experts at the Jimmy Kendall show. Watch the video below and then do to your children what these parents did to theirs; tell them you ate the candy they got trick or treating. If they are like my kids, or like me to be honest, they will cry as if their baby bunny died and you are telling them to flush it. The kids toward the end of the video though shame those of us whose parenting techniques include frequent practical jokes and my favorite, stop, drop, and cry. The last girl has got to be the most well adjusted small person I have seen since that daily affirmations girl. Wow!

Happy haunting!


The Day We Almost Lost the Internets!!!

Wow, so Facebook was having some issues yesterday for a couple of hours and there was some global, ok American, freaking out going on. I heard a lady on the radio say that her son in Guam wouldn’t be able to wish her a happy birthday, – feeling Image. Some people were upset that the lapse in functionality was being called a “short time,” appalled at the volume of neighborly information they missed out on. Others were just upset that people were upset, commenting things like, “I could care less if you like Wal-Mart, or had a few tacos for lunch that were ‘yum!’” That guy (silverharbinger) needs to lay off the haterade (or is it hatorade?).

But seriously, if we asked ourselves “who cares?” before every status update, there wouldn’t be any, and based on FB’s colossal success, I will wager, as plenty of stockholders do, that someone out there will care that your baby ate a grasshopper and finally went #2 in the potty. That is the cool thing about online communities; there is strength in numbers. Your middle school drama teacher sort of remembers you and wants you to know she <3’s your new haircut- come on people, what’s not to ❤ about that? – feeling Image.


When you are – feeling Imagealone, and let’s face it even the most crowdy of us are at some point, something like that goes a long way. You have carved a digital heart in the sand that caused a bunch of people to have to walk around it, and then, someone draws the arrow that goes through it, or adds your initials to its center. You exist.

So thank you FB techies for handling the October 21st Facebook debacle with at least three times the veracity and resources as have been dedicated to the Affordable Care Act’s shopping site.

– feeling Image

My fav complaining comments (from


The Walking Daybed

What do reanimated corpses have to do with joy, or technology for that matter?


(that’s my baby, post zombification, courtesy of Dead Yourself App)

As everyone in the developed world probably knows, last Sunday was the season 4 premiere of The Walking Dead. For cord-cutters who could not wait till Monday, when AMC would post the full episode online, that meant reaching out and touching someone with cable. (That was a really old TV commercial reference for those <30.) Were it not for streaming services, many cord-cutters like myself would still be working for the man (paying for cable) and would have lonelily watched the show in our paint stained pajama pants and head wraps. But thanks to technology, people are coming together in the name of entrail-eating zombies. Heat games have a similar effect.

Let me clarify, while you cannot stream live shows or games, Netflix, Hulu Plus, and the like make it possible to live a fairly normal life without cable. Because many of us are choosing this alternative lifestyle, when there is something live we MUST watch, we leave our eeky dens and mooch off of those who do pay for cable. Many a getty have been thrown on this premise and vegging in front of the TV is quickly becoming a social activity. The enjoyment, I dare say, is augmented by the company. When an amateur commentator exclaims, “it’s raining cats and zombies” some nail biting is lost, but for the sake of a much needed chuckle.

Here is a pic of our Walking Dead premiere party, I’m the smiling girl on the left. It’s hard to miss the daybed in my friend Jose’s TV room. Love it!!!


Epic-kest Prank Ever!!! – well, in the last couplamonths.

This week I want to discuss a slightly stale phenom- the Jimmy Kimmel twerk fail prank. For those of us that have been living in a safe bubble of healthy media, away from the 2013 VMA’s and possibly even lucky enough to not know what twerking is, here is a breakdown of events:

A couple of months ago a video went crazy viral – 90M views in one week! The video was of a lady in yoga pants and a pepto-pink top twerking (a most vile, upside-down booty-shake) against a door. Then someone walked through the door and the twerker came crashing down on her coffee table, breaking the glass, and setting herself on fire with a lit candle. My reaction: laughter, delight, then self-reproach as I finally thought, “I hope she is ok.”


In the weeks that followed, the video dubbed “The Most Epic Twerk Fail,” and a number of other superlatives, had made national news and had been featured hundreds of times in the media. It seemed my thoughts were echoed times a (million? billion?), idk, a lot. Everyone was sort of glad to see the cautionary tale of twerking gone wrong. “See kids, do this, and you will catch fire, and not in a glamorous Jennifer Lawrence sort of way.”

Ah, but the plot thickens. A few months after the video’s blow-up and the subsequent flood of publicity, my friend (although he doesn’t know he is) Jimmy Kimmel revealed that he was behind the video and that it was a fake! The girl in the video was a stuntwoman. The whole things was staged and then posted only on YouTube, and then “the magic happened” as Jimmy said.

Why talk about this? Well, I think what my bud Jimmy did was sort of brilliant. He played on our thirst for blood. We love watching pranks that involve bodily harm- it is sad but so true. That is why we laugh when our grandma slips on a skateboard. Later we are concerned, but whether it is nerves or just some sick sense of humor some come equipped with, watching something go physically awry can result in exuberant giggles. Accidents caught on tape or pranks that involve a victim produce about the same guilty joy. Add yoga pants and twerking and yeah, we want retribution.

What is more buzzworthy about the Twerk Fail Debacle, though, is that the prank was not in the video itself. Kimmel pranked the media on a huge scale. He staged a prank within a prank and I have to wonder what all those commentators and writers are thinking now. Maybe they are like, “I told you it was a bad idea to talk about that video, we should have stuck with the cat that says ‘I love you’” or maybe they are not at all embarrassed to have been used in the experiment. The stunt-parfait also served as social commentary on what we find newsworthy. As one night show host said after discussing the video, “good thing nothing is happening in Syria right now.”

So here is the video from Jimmy Kimmel Live. Enjoy it as if it was your first time watching the media get burned.


Ok, so being out there, the space Frank talks about, can be as scary as standing in front of a packed house. This blog has hidden, refused promotion, shied away from even a virtual conference table worth of eyes. But no more. She (this blog is female) will be outed, flung into a world of shameless Facebook begging, link posting, and face to face – that’s right – plugging. Who knows? Maybe by December she will have a dozen followers and a steady readership of about 20. “Oh what lofty goals!” she cries, but as author and shameless promoter, I proclaim “It will be done!”